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Effective Roofing Solutions in Colchester & Great Dunmow

Weatherboard The outer skin of your home in Colchester or Great Dunmow is designed to protect the interior from rain and other elements that could cause damage. The roof itself has a major job to do, and should be checked regularly for lose, cracked or missing tiles and other issues. Important as it is, the roof is only effective if the accompanying components are fully functional. These include the guttering, downpipes, fascias and soffits, the condition of which are crucial. There is no point installing a new roof if water is getting in elsewhere, and defective guttering will contribute to problems.

Gutters can suffer from a variety of common issues which can render them ineffective such as blockage. This may be caused by leaves, birds nests, moss and other more unusual things such as toys and deceased animals! An inch of rainfall on a 250 square foot roof equals around 150 gallons of water running through gutters and downpipes. Gutters are designed to keep this water away from the exterior walls of the home, avoiding damp and mould on the interior.

Professionally Installed Gutters, Downpipes, Soffits & Fascias, Great Dunmow

Sometimes guttering is installed incorrectly which It isn't always easy to spot, and if placed too near the roof or with inadequate supporting hangers, problems are sure to occur. Gutters also need to be properly maintained, especially if there are trees nearby, and clearing them twice a year is recommended. Downpipes are just as important and will need to be checked at the same time. Be sure to look at the places where the system is attached to the wall, and ensure there are no cracks, holes or rust. Take care not to place stress on gutters by leaning heavy ladders against them also.

Be extra cautious if you intend to carry out checks etc yourself, many A&E waiting rooms see people who have fallen from ladders. It's highly advisable to call in the experts, rather than risk accidents.

Weatherboards & Cladding for Homes in Colchester

Cladding and weatherboards are a smart and practical solution for the home, but timber cladding has decreased in popularity compared to composite alternatives. Timber while having some benefits such as being paintable and easily repairable has many disadvantages. Over time it can rot or warp, or become a home for pests. It may also receive damage and chips from being knocked. Wood cladding can also be pretty expensive to replace, and will need quite a lot of regular maintenance to keep it functional. There is also of course a fire risk angle when talking about timber.

Similarly, plastic UPVC cladding has its own downsides, including the fact that it can't be painted, so whatever you originally install, you're stuck with. Many feel that UPVC does not look as good as timber also, a big factor for most people.

Weatherboard High Quality Fibre Cement Cedral Weatherboard, Colchester & Great Dunmow

Weatherboard cladding is not simply all about looks though, as it can protect a building's exterior walls from the elements. This lessens the chance of damp and mould within the home becoming a problem, and making it desirable for many. One of the most popular types of cladding nowadays, beloved by architects and designers as well as home owners is fibre cement weatherboard. This amazing product ticks all the boxes and delivers long lasting, attractive results time and again.

At Chelmsford Roofline, we offer high performance Cedral Weatherboard which puts other forms of weatherboard and cladding in the shade. It is favoured by so many as it : -

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Replacement Guttering, Downpipes, Cladding & Weatherboard in Colchester & Great Dunmow. Effective Roofing Solutions in Colchester & Great Dunmow, Professionally Installed Gutters, Downpipes, Soffits & Fascias, Great Dunmow. Weatherboards & Cladding for Homes in Colchester, High Quality Fibre Cement Cedral Weatherboard, Colchester & Great Dunmow

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